Sentence Examples

  • Those without hats nearly succumbed to frostbite.
  • Frostbite is classified by degree of injury (first, second, third, or fourth), or simply divided into two types, superficial (corresponding to first- or second-degree injury) and deep (corresponding to third- or fourth-degree injury).
  • In addition, children from tropical climates may not be able to withstand cold temperatures as well as their cold-climate counterparts, making them more susceptible to frostbite and frostnip at higher temperatures.
  • Skin damage from frostbite and frostnip occurs because of freezing, either by extremely cold weather, wet clothing in cold temperatures, or through chemical exposures, such as dry ice or highly compressed gases.
  • Most children encounter frostbite when they participate in outdoor sports, camp in winter, get wet and cannot change their clothing immediately, or do not dress according to the weather conditions.