Sentence Examples

  • Individuals with frizzy, unmanageable hair or who are plagued with split ends may want to consider the smooththerapie line, which helps control frizz through avocado and grape seed oils.
  • Moreover, if your hair is naturally frizzy or curly, a good blowout and a flat iron can give you a new strikingly modelesque look for prom.
  • If you're tired of stressed, frizzy and dry tresses, perhaps you'll give this unique product a shot and reap the many benefits of an all natural hydrating cleanser.
  • The ends of the hair should be carefully conditioned to keep them healthy, and any split ends should be trimmed away as soon as possible to avoid a frizzy look.
  • The Like a Prayer - Madonna dyed her dishwater blonde hair to dark brunette and got those crazy, frizzy curls under control for this controversial music video.