Sentence Examples

  • At Freiburg, Gockel found I + and I_ decidedly larger in the early afternoon than in either the morning or the late evening hours.
  • Gockel observed similar effects at Freiburg-though he seems doubtful whether the relationship is direct-but the influence of temperature on I + seemed reduced when the ground was covered with snow.
  • The whole subject is exhaustively treated by Father Joseph Braun in Die liturgische Gewandung (Freiburg im Breisgau, 1907).
  • Granert's Studien, &c., Freiburg, 1901); Adolf Ausfeld, Der griechische Alexanderroman (Leipzig, 1907), edited after the author's death by W.
  • Weber, Die Catholische Kirche in Armenien (Freiburg, 1903, with bibliography); Bollandii, Ada sanctoruin sept.