Sentence Examples

  • Usually, they weren’t bylined, but every once in a while an introductory note from the column’s editor would introduce a particular piece by naming someone, clearly a freelancer, as its contributor.
  • If you have professional skills that are in demand, register on Guru or Get a Freelancer to bid for freelance projects in fields such as computer programming, finance, sales, marketing, or business consulting.
  • Writing for magazines as a freelancer can provide a steady income for writers, but it takes research, hard work and planning to bring in enough money to make a living in this line of work.
  • Hiring a freelancer, because the employer doesn't need to pay for benefits or taxes, is cheaper than asking full-time employees to do the job.
  • For example, if you played football in college, you undoubtedly have a stronger understanding of the game than the typical freelancer.