Sentence Examples

  • Most people frequent a professional salon or nail spa for services, but for those artsy folks who venture into the creative world of nail art at home, make sure your nail polish is thoroughly dry before applying the freehand art.
  • Many people who practice nail art have taught themselves the skill of freehand nail art painting through trainer materials, while others rely on easy to use pre-made stencils or self-adhesive nail designs.
  • Wade College was founded in 1962 and offers an Associate of Arts Degree in interior design. in addition to computer-aided drafting, students also learn how to create freehand and perspective drawings.
  • If for some reason you can't find what you like, you can always ask your artist to draw one up by your specs, draw it yourself or allow your artist to tattoo you freehand.
  • If you choose to use paint to create a wall mural in your home, you have the option of drawing and painting the mural freehand from your imagination or using stencils.