Sentence Examples

  • Giddings (Chicago, 1892), by his son-inlaw, George Washington Julian (1817-1899), a Free-soil leader and a representative in Congress in 1849-1851, a Republican representative in Congress in 1861-1871, a Liberal Republican in the campaign of 1872, and afterwards a Democrat.
  • Free-Soil Democrat1851-1853Whig1853-1854-1854-1855 Know-Nothing1855-1858Republican1858-18611 Endecott, by commission dated the 30th of April 1629, was made " governor of London's plantation in the Massachusetts Bay."
  • In 1848, largely on account of his personal attachment to Martin Van Buren, he participated in the revolt of the "Barnburner" or free-soil faction of the New York Democrats, and in 1855 was the candidate of the "softshell," or anti-slavery, faction for attorney-general of the state.