Sentence Examples

  • At low settings, a 1.1Ghz - 512MB RAM PC2700 - Geforce 4 4200 ran smooth at around 35 fps, but large scale battles took a tremendous amount of time to render.
  • Knowing all of your characters fighting moves or detailed spots of FPS maps or how to race on a particular track will help you compete against other players.
  • Sploder is a unique app, because it not only lets you create your own arcade games, but there's also a mode where you can create 3D FPS style games.
  • The best part was that each FPS after Quake on the Dreamcast used this same style, so once I had it down I could easily play several other games.
  • Specifically in terms of games if you're after FPS', RPG's (or they're massively online counterparts) then you're probably best aiming for a PC.