Sentence Examples

  • One-fortieth, for instance, can be expressed as IOW is called 22 per cent., and usually written 22%.
  • It weighs about three pounds or one-fortieth of the body weight.
  • For example, if the diameter be one millimetre, the disturbance is multiplied 1000 fold in about one-fortieth of a second.
  • Thus it happened that, in the fortieth year of Akbar's reign, the empire had more than regained all that it had lost, the recovered provinces being reduced, not to subjection only as before, but to a great degree of peace, order and contentment.
  • That the "district" of the author is the north-east of Scotland cannot be doubted in the face of a passage such as this, in the fortieth legend (St Ninian), 1, 1359 et seq.