Sentence Examples

  • U, Umbilical vein of the foetus, rlf, The right lateral fissure.
  • Indeed, the tendency in continental Europe is to regard the abortion as a crime against the unborn child, and several codes (notably that of the German Empire) expressly recognize the life of the foetus, while others make the penalty more severe if abortion has been caused in the later stages of pregnancy, or if the woman is married.
  • It was also a very common practice to destroy the foetus, but parents were affectionate towards their children.
  • Near affinity; and while more nearly related to the Marsupialia (q.v.), in which an imperfect allantoic placenta is sometimes developed, it is broadly distinguished therefrom by the invariable presence of a functional placenta by the aid of which the foetus is nourished throughout the greater portion of intra-uterine life.
  • Large wooden figures of Bes are generally found to contain the remains of a human foetus.