Sentence Examples

  • It's easy to hop out of the shower and start combing wet locks vigorously, but keep in mind aggressive brushing on wet or damp hair will cause breakage and flyaway ends.
  • It's funny because when I think about that time it was the big 80s perm, flyaway bangs and the Flock of Seagulls thing.It was a fantastic experience.
  • Fine and flyaway strands will not carry the weight necessary to maintain the sleek fullness of both long and short Jennifer Aniston sedu cuts.
  • Free Country Flyaway Tankini Top: This top (pictured) has adjustable straps and lightly padded bra cups as well as a solid fabric underlay.
  • In addition, you'll want to avoid heavily razored and wispy shapes, which will look frizzy and flyaway rather than tamed and managed.

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