Sentence Examples

  • The Arakan Flotilla Company has also helped to open up the Arakan division.
  • He was instrumental in saving New York and Vermont from invasion by his brilliant victory of lake Champlain gained, on the nth of September 1814, with a flotilla of 14 vessels carrying 86 guns, over Captain George Downie's 16 vessels and 92 guns.
  • Following on this first experiment, the East India Company, in 1841, proposed to maintain a permanent flotilla on the Tigris and Euphrates, and set two vessels, the " Nitocris " and the " Nimrod," under the command of Captain Campbell of the Indian navy, to attempt the ascent of the latter river.
  • He sent his flotilla up the Nile and captured Shendi, the dervish depot, on the 27th of March.
  • He passed the Straits of Dover with a numerous flotilla laden with military machines and stores, and also carrying many knights and soldiers.