Sentence Examples

  • Naturally he felt that the prevalence of Christianity was incompatible with his ideal of Roman prosperity, and therefore that the policy of the Flavian emperors was the only logical solution of an important problem.
  • The brick-stamps found begin in the Flavian and end with the Hadrianic period.
  • 81-96, the second son of Titus Flavius Vespasianus and Flavia Domitilla, twelfth of the Caesars, and third of the Flavian dynasty, was born at Rome on the 24th of October A.D.
  • In spite of the advice of Gregory of Nazianzus and of the Western Church, the recognition of Paulinus's sole episcopate was refused, Flavian being consecrated as Meletius's successor.
  • The Eustathians, on the other hand, elected Evagrius as bishop on Paulinus's death, and it was not till 415 that Flavian succeeded in re-uniting them to the Church.