Sentence Examples

  • Taking it further, in 1995 composer Bill Whelan began working with several Irish dancers to create a stage performance called Riverdance, which showcased several Irish and Celtic art forms (including Flamenco) all together.
  • The theme for most Flamenco music is based around a woman's estranged or abusive lover and so often starts very quiet and subdued, signifying the woman's sadness, then drawing to a crescendo of feminine empowerment.
  • Combined with musical forms that are constantly being revisited and adopted by artists all over the world, it seems certain that flamenco dancers will continue to have a place in the pantheon of great artists.
  • If the team dances a cultural dance, such as the Can Can, Flamenco or Irish step dance, be sure to incorporate authentic costume details, such as shoes or flared skirts to complement the dance style.
  • While flamenco dance itself has never reached the level of popularity of other Latin dances such as salsa or rumba, flamenco dancers have enjoyed the respect and adoration of millions over the years.