Sentence Examples

  • Also communicating with this pouch is a pair of long slender flagelliform tubes, of which the function is unknown.
  • In Limulus Lankester found (15) the spermatozoa to possess active flagelliform " tails," and to resemble very closely those of Scorpio which, as are those of most terrestrial Arthropoda, are actively motile.
  • (Original drawing by Pocock and Pickard-Cambridge, after Hansen and Sorensen.) caudal support for the many-jointed flagelliform telson, as in the Urotricha.
  • Since then many other workers have obtained similar stages [see Leishman and Statham (38), Christophers (7)]; but however slender and Trypanosomelike the flagelliform parasites may appear, up till now no indications of an undulating membrane have been seen, and the kinetonuclear element is never far from the insertion of the flagellum.
  • When specialized as bearers of sensory (olfactory or tactile) organs, the rami are generally elongated, many-jointed and flagelliform.