Sentence Examples

  • Refurbished mobile phones are supposed to be restored to "near new" condition, meaning that the company may have updated the handset to the latest firmware version, replaced any broken or worn parts, and repaired any faulty components.
  • In late 2008, Sony issued a firmware update for the PSP that allowed the handheld to connect directly to the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store, effectively bypassing the need to use the PS3 as an intermediary.
  • Upon the initial release of the Nintendo DSi, creators were pleased to note that all known flash carts such as the R4DS, AceKart2, FCart and NCart were unable to penetrate the DSi firmware.
  • Bringing an iPhone 3G up to speed with the iPhone 3.0 firmware will certainly help, but the iPhone 3GS does bring some new hardware in there as well, as mentioned in the previous section.
  • You can then bring your phone into a local dealer for them to update the software or, if they allow you, the new firmware can be pushed to you as a wireless download for free.