Sentence Examples

  • These are distinguishable from the grey Chalk coprolites by their brownish ferruginous colour and smooth appearance.
  • The shapes of these ferruginous sandstones are very fantastic - tubes, hollow spheres, plates, &c., being common.
  • The soil is composed of red ferruginous kankar, with a stratum of clay in the more elevated parts, covered by a thin layer of vegetable mould, or by recent alluvial deposits.
  • Soils are of four classes: calcareous-ferruginous, alluvial, argillous and silicious.
  • Cold mineral springs are at Bartfa, with alkaline ferruginous waters; Czigelka, with iodate waters; Parad, with ferruginous and sulphate springs; Koritnicza or Korytnica, with strong iron springs; and the mineral springs of Budapest.