Sentence Examples

  • Outer view after removal of the Il.fb, ilio-fibularis and Il.tib, ilio-tibialis.
  • Representing by P this position, it follows that the area of that portion of the ellipse contained between the radii vectores FB and FP will bear the same ratio to the whole area of the ellipse that t does to T, the time of revolution.
  • Set off ab = ac = 1/2p. Draw radii bd, Ce; draw fb, cg, making angles of e 753/4 with those radii.
  • The cartesian equation to the epicycloid assumes the form x = (a +b) cos 0 - b cos (a -Fb/b)8, y = (a +b) sin 0 - b sin (a -1--b/b)6, when the centre of the fixed circle is the origin, and the axis of x passes through the initial point of the curve (i.e.
  • Fb, Floor board.