Sentence Examples

  • The Rt. Rev. Phillips Brooks has explained to her in a beautiful way the fatherhood of God.
  • Her admiration for the impressive explanations which Bishop Brooks has given her of the Fatherhood of God is well known.
  • If the fatherhood of God stands out clearly, we may remember a passage of St Mark also which speaks of " the Heavenly Father " as forgiving those who forgive.
  • To men who were worthy, and as God does not withhold from men a share in His attributes - such as sovereignty and fatherhood - it was fitting that Christ who has wrought salvation for mankind should obtain this highest name.
  • Leading thoughts in the teaching of Jesus, so far as they are new, are the Fatherhood of God - new at least in the central place given it - the imminence of the " kingdom " or judgment of God, and Jesus' own place as " Messiah," i.e.