Sentence Examples

  • In 1885 Professor Heinrich Thorbeckebegan an edition of the text based on the Berlin codex, but only the first fasciculus, containing forty-two poems, had appeared when his work was cut short by death.
  • Of Fasciculus ii.
  • (Zurich, 1828-42, with "supplementorum fasciculus," 1861); by E.
  • In 1523 the princes of Germany protested to the Pope in language almost equally strong (Browne, Fasciculus, i.
  • Besides the Speculum Richard also wrote, according to the statement of William of Woodford in his Answer to Wycliffe (Edward Brown, Fasciculus Rerum expetendarum, p. 193), a treatise De Officiis; and there was formerly in the cathedral library at Peterborough another tractate from his pen, entitled Super Symbolum.