Farden Definition

1904, E. Nesbit, The Phoenix and the Carpet.
Nicked the bloomin' lot 'e did--and me with not a farden to take 'ome to my brother and his missus.'
1908, James Blyth, Edward FitzGerald and "Posh".
He was off with the letters and all, and never gave me a farden for what he had or what he l'arnt off o' me.
1915, John Hartley, Yorksher Puddin'.
'If tha weant, tha weant,' he sed, soa that settles it, but awd rayther let th' bums tak away nearly ivvery stick aght o'th' haase nor awd take a farden less nor seven shillin'; that's th' lowest aw ivver will tak, an if tha doesn't buy'em at that price tha'll rue, for tha'll niver have sich a chonce ageean.'

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