Sentence Examples

  • He quotes, as if he were familiarly acquainted with their writings, a number of Greek and Roman writers, of whom it is almost certain that he had not read more than one or two.
  • The monoxide and its hydrate are more familiarly known as lime (q.v.) and slakedlime.
  • C. Poggendorff, thus starting the series of that scientific periodical which is familiarly cited as Wied.
  • Louis Auguste de Bourbon, sovereign prince of Dombes, having transferred his parliament to Trevoux, set up a printing press, and was persuaded by two Jesuits, Michel le Tellier and Philippe Lalleman, to establish the Me-moires pour servir d l'histoire des sciences et des arts (1701-1767), more familiarly known as the Journal des Trevoux, long the best-informed and best-written journal in France.
  • Now familiarly known as "wheel 'animalcules," from the wheel-like motion produced by the rings of cilia which generally occur in the head region, the so-called rotatory organs, they were first discovered by A.