Sentence Examples

  • More or less cosmopolitan groups like herons, Falconidae, Anseres, Columbae, &c., and circumtropical families like Parridae, Trogonidae,.
  • Falconidae, cosmopolitan, since the Eocene.
  • Thus he separates the birds of prey into three great groups - (I) the ordinary Diurnal forms, including the Falconidae and Vulturidae of the systematist of his time; but distinguishing the American Vultures from those of the Old World; (2) Gypogeranus, the secretary-bird; and (3) the owls (q.v.).
  • In some external characters the lammergeyer is intermediate between the families Vulturidae and Falconidae, and the opinion of systematists has from time to time varied as to its proper position.
  • It is now generally agreed, however, that it is more closely allied with the eagles than with the vultures, and the sub-family Gypaetinae of the Falconidae has been formed to contain it.