Sentence Examples

  • This condition is one marked by unsteadiness - a sort of flickering rolling - of the eyeballs, and it becomes more marked as they endeavour to adjust their accommodation to near objects.
  • It was a foolish thing to say, given the circumstances, but she was up to her eyeballs with this lingering bad mood.
  • It is the result of the too great intensity of the light incident upon the retina, and which in normal eyeballs is adequately diminished by the absorptive power of the pigmentary material.
  • Other individual rabbits, but belonging to no particular breed, are similarly marked, but in addition the eyeballs are black.
  • Some domesticated mice are entirely white with the exception that they have black eyeballs; and individuals of this type are known in which there is a reduction of pigment in the eyeballs, and since the colour of the blood is then partially visible these appear of a reddish-black colour.