Sentence Examples

  • In Africa the Moorish prince, Firmus, raised the standard of revolt, being joined by the provincials, who had been rendered desperate by the cruelty and extortions of Count Romanus, the military governor.
  • Even when Rome and Italy smarted beneath his proscriptions and extortions, the provinces were undisturbed.
  • In 1868 a rising of the thakurs against his extortions led to the despatch of a British political officer, by whom affairs were adjusted.
  • Their extortions impoverished the whole country, yet the abolition of the system might perhaps have been carried out more gradually and with greater precaution, and Turkey more than once felt the want of their aid, questionable as its value often was.
  • The imperial legates and the captains of the Spanish guard in Siena crushed both government and people by continual extortions and by undue interference with the functions of the balia.

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