Sentence Examples

  • This runs down the anterior and outer side of the upper arm, and is attached to the proximal tendon of the extensor metacarpi radialis longus, a little below the outer condyle of the humerus.
  • It is a brief extension of the limb at the knee-joint, due to a simple contraction of the extensor muscle, elicited by a tap or other short mechanical stimulus applied to the muscle fibres through the tendon of the muscle.
  • If the sensory nerves of the extensor muscle be severed, the "jerk" is lost.
  • Stretching of the muscles antagonistic to the extensors - namely, of the flexor muscles - reduces the jerk by inhibiting the extensor spinal nerve cells through the nervous impulses generated by the tense flexor muscles.
  • The motor cells of the extensor muscles, when preoccupied by cerebral influence, appear refractory.