Sentence Examples

  • The company went on to win several awards such as Geneva's Salon International des Inventions gold medal with honors, the Brussels World Inventions gold medal, and three awards at the 1977 New York International Inventors Expo.
  • This expo embraced the burgeoning (we're talking the 80s here, folks) interactive media (that would be early marketing code words for video games) industry (if you can call 6 guys and some PCs an industry).
  • One friend of this writer went to a video game expo and, denigrating the hype about the new Madden game, claimed to the EA personnel there that he could score on the brand-new product with his eyes closed.
  • To find out if a tattoo expo is going to be held in your area, you may ask some of the local tattoo artists about upcoming events, or you may wish to search online for event locations and dates.
  • Save yourself time by bringing your own return address labels to the expo; you can simply put this on request cards for catalogs where you would normally fill out your address information.