Sentence Examples

  • As it turns out, there's an exogenous reason for her depression - the strange magical sphere she inherited from her deceased father Nicholas (see above), a Villers Sphere created by a powerful mage.
  • The exogenous antibodies in the mother's circulation are gradually destroyed over the next three to six months, and the mother remains unsensitized.
  • Not only does the diet include the use of exogenous hormones, it also advocates users adhere to a 500 calorie per day diet plan.
  • A. "Infection, fever, and exogenous and endogenous pyrogens: some concepts have changed."
  • In addition, the great majority have also another method of reproduction, for increasing the number of the parasites in any individual host; this is distinguished as multiplicative or endogenous reproduction, from the propagative or exogenous method (by means of the resistant spores), which serves for the infection of fresh hosts and secures the dissemination and survival of the species.