Sentence Examples

  • The view of Professor Dillmann, who placed P before D in the regal period (though he admitted exilic and postexilic additions in Exod., Levit.
  • '15' in Exod.; Fab.
  • As a whole, the economic conditions implied are pastoral and agricultural, and are relatively primitive; and the general rudimentary character of the legal ideas appears in the death penalty for the goring ox (Exod.
  • Iii., is there the slightest indication that the Israelites connected the name of their God with the idea of " being " in any sense, it may fairly be questioned whether, if the author of Exod.
  • Moses is closely connected with the tribes in the vicinity of the holy mountain; according to one account, he married a daughter of the priest of Midian (Exod.

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