Sentence Examples

  • In early pre-exilian days, with the full moon.
  • While admitting that a special significance may have been attached in pre-exilian times to the full-moon Sabbath, and that the latter may have been specially intended in the combination " new moon and Sabbath " in the 8th-century prophets (Hos.
  • 13), we are not prepared to deny that the institution of a seventh-day Sabbath was an ancient pre-exilian tradition.
  • Similarly in the earlier pre-exilian period of Israel's occupation of Canaanite territory the Hebrews were always subject to this tendency to worship the old Baal or `Ashtoreth (the goddess who made the cattle and flocks prolific).3 A few years of drought or of bad seasons would make a Hebrew settler betake himself to the old Canaanite gods.
  • Of this we have recurring examples in pre-exilian Hebrew history.