Sentence Examples

  • The story of the exhumation and coronation of the corpse of Inez has often been told.
  • The old form of the name of the town was Kilcudbrit, from the Gaelic Cil Cudbert, " the chapel of Cuthbert," the saint's body having lain here for a short time during the seven years that lapsed between its exhumation at Lindisfarne and the re-interment at Chester-leStreet.
  • In 1282 he was one of the witnesses whose testimony was formally given at St Denis in the matter of the canonization of Louis, and in 1298 he was present at the exhumation of the saint's body.
  • The exhumation and burning of his body in 1428, when the ashes were cast into the Swift, gave rise to the saying that their distribution by the river to the ocean resembled that of Wycliffe's doctrines over the world.
  • To Bishop Fleming was entrusted the execution of the decree of the council for the exhumation and burning of Wycliffe's remains.