Sentence Examples

  • The judicial powers of the county court are confined to probate, the appointment of executors, administrators and other personal representatives, and the settlement of their accounts, matters relating to apprentices and to contested elections for county and district officers.
  • Waynflete was assigned as the principal executor of his "will" for that purpose, and if there was any variance between the executors, he was to determine it.
  • He was selected by the executors of Franciscus Vieta to revise and edit his manuscript works, a task which he discharged with great ability.
  • By his will he appointed thirteen executors who were to preserve his rooms at 10 rue Monsieur-le-Prince as the headquarters of the new religion of Humanity.
  • C. 7, under which the king appointed his executors to exercise the authority of the crown till the successor to the crown should attain the age of eighteen if a male or sixteen if a female.