Sentence Examples

  • A large nematocyst, with everted thread, is seen in the right-hand ectodermal cell.
  • (After Kleinenberg, from Gegenbaur.) access of water to the contents; when the cnidocil is stimulated it sets in action a mechanism or perhaps a series of chemical changes by which the plug is dissolved or removed; as a result water penetrates into the capsule and causes its contents to swell, with the result that the thread is everted violently.
  • B, The same, partially everted by eversion of the sides, as in the Nemertine proboscis and Gastropod eye-tentacle = pleurecbolic.
  • 23 the proboscis is seen in an everted state; it is only so carried when feeding, being withdrawn when the animal is at rest.
  • A, Siphonal notch of the shell e, Everted buccal introvert (prooccupied by the siphonal boscis).

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