Sentence Examples

  • Euler's eulogium was enhanced by his desire to quit Berlin, d'Alembert's by his dread of a royal command to repair thither; and the result was that an invitation, conveying the wish of the "greatest king in Europe" to have the "greatest mathematician" at his court, was sent to Turin.
  • Ancillon took rank among the most famous historians of his day by his next work, Tableau des revolutions du systeme politique de l'Europe depuis le X V e si�e (1803, 4 vols.; new ed., 1824), which gained him the eulogium of the Institute of France, and admission to the Academy of Berlin.
  • In the i4th century there is a significant deterioration in the monastic chroniclers, and their place is taken by the works of secular clergy like Adam Murimuth, Geoffrey the Baker, Robert of Avesbury, Henry Knighton and the anonymous author of the Eulogium historictrum.
  • Riley (London, 1863-1864); Eulogium historiarum sive temporis, ed.
  • His best eulogium, it has been truly said, consists in the fallacies which he exposed.

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