Sentence Examples

  • Several etymologies have been proposed: e.g.
  • The regular form of her name in Greek was Persephone, but various other forms occur: Phersephone, Persephassa, Phersephassa, Pherrephatta, &c., to explain which different etymologies were invented.
  • Other suggested etymologies are: (i) from the Sabine town Cures; (2) from curia, i.e.
  • Various etymologies of the name have been suggested: "without a lip" (a, xe7Xos), Achilles being regarded as a river-god, a stream which overflows its banks, or, referring to the story that, when Thetis laid him in the fire, one of his lips, which he had licked, was consumed (Tzetzes on Lycophron, 178); "restrainer of the people" (ExE -Xaos); "healer of sorrow" (ax�-X os); "the obscure" (connected with axXbs, "mist"); "snakeborn" (g xts), the snake being one of the chief forms taken by Thetis.
  • His etymologies are of course sometimes very wild: e.g.