Sentence Examples

  • The tupelo is named from the combination of two Creek words, 'eto' for 'tree' and 'opelwu' for 'swamp'.
  • Rsu ht eto Har e„n Chi;ham?o a tton E?l rhead :o n Rel ate Ri plcy ?
  • P eaV 55' uns eto arrstBOYead pp?ssto :Petoenviq' Dit 5to Owermotgne POrfr s k, c ° r 0 r OTtn * ing eno ", 'Lif Melco Scilly Islands West Long.
  • Sibree, Madagascar and its People (London, 1870); Tantara ny Andriana eto Madagascar: Histoire des rois d'Imerina d'apres les manuscrits malgaches, (Antananarivo, 1875); Mullens, Twelve Months in Madagascar (London, 1875); Blanchard, L' Ile de Madagascar (Paris, 18 75); Dahle, Madagaskar og dets Beboere (Christiania, 1876-1878); Sibree and Baron (eds.), The Antananarivo Annual, Nos.
  • - If we take the analogy of a perfect gas and assume s =constant, we have dE 2 /dT 2 = - s/T, dE/dT =s log e To/T (12) E (T -r') =sT log eTo /T-sT"log e To/T (13) where T and T' are the temperatures of the junctions, and T.