Sentence Examples

  • Before concluding this sketch of the development of English ethical thought from Hobbes to the thinkers of the 19th century, it will be well to notice briefly the views held by different moralists on the question of free-will, - so far, that is, as they have been put forward as ethically important.
  • 3) is treated (a) ethically, as a day of judgment upon sin and pride (Amos v.
  • It will be seen that these changes, however profoundly important, were, ethically considered, either negative or quite general, ralating to the tone and attitude of mind in which all duty should be done.
  • Ethically, too, the new doctrine stands on a higher plane, and represents, in its moral laws, a superior civilization.
  • The book is absolutely monotheistic, and the character ascribed to the deity is ethically pure with the exception mentioned above.