Sentence Examples

  • Richemont (Henri Ethelbert Louis Victor Hebert) was in prison in Milan for seven years and began to put forward his claims in Paris in 1828.
  • Sent Mellitus to preach baptism to the East Saxons, whose king was called Sebert, son of Ricole the sister of "Ethelbert, and whom IEthelbert had then appointed king.
  • And !Ethelbert gave Mellitus a bishop's see in Lundenevic and from Ludgate toward Westmynstre and lytel or none wher the chief or hart of the citie is now, except (that) in dyvers places were housyng, but they stod without order."
  • In Saxon times it was converted into a palace by King Ethelbert, and in 669 a monastery was founded here by Egbert.
  • There was one such king who had four sons, Ethelbald, Ethelbert, Ethelred, and Alfred. The three older boys were sturdy, half-grown lads; the youngest, Alfred, was a slender, fair-haired child.