Sentence Examples

  • Essen, , 231,396
  • Thermit was discovered by Dr. Hans Goldschmidt of Essen, Germany, in 1895, while trying to reduce chromium and manganese.
  • In the Bell-Krupp or "pig-washing" process, invented independently by the famous British iron-master, Sir Lowthian Bell, and Krupp of Essen, advantage is taken of the fact that, at a relatively low temperature, probably a little above 1200° C., the phosphorus and silicon of molten cast iron are quickly oxidized and removed by contact with molten iron oxide, though carbon is thus oxidized but slowly.
  • The largest iron and steel works are at Essen, Oberhausen, Duisburg, Dusseldorf and Cologne, while cutlery and other small metallic wares are extensively made at Solingen, Remscheid and Aix-la-Chapelle.
  • The greater part of it is produced at or around Essen, where are the famous Krupp works, and BochUm.