Sentence Examples

  • The story of Hop's expedition is told in the Nouvelle description .du Cap de Bonne Esperance (Amsterdam, 1778).
  • See also Campbell's Travels in South Africa (London, 1815), Arbousset and Daumas ' Relation d'un voyage d'exploration au nord-est de la colonie du Cap de Bonne Esperance en 1836 (Paris, 1842), and Farini's Through the Kalahari Desert (London, 1886).
  • Deherain, Cap de Bonne Esperance au X VII' siecle (Paris, 1909), and L'Expansion des Boers au XIX' siècle (Paris, 1905); J.
  • (a) Descriptive accounts, geography, commerce and economics: - The best early accounts of the colony are found in de la Caille's Journal historique du voyage fait au Cap de Bonne Espe'rance (Paris, 1763), the Nouvelle Description du Cap de Bonne Esperance (Amsterdam, 1778); F.
  • The expectation of obtaining these sinecures drew young men towards the church in considerable numbers, and the class of abbes so formed - abbes de tour they were sometimes called, and sometimes (ironically) abbes de sainte esperance, abbes of St Hope - came to hold a recognized position.