Sentence Examples

  • Whereas erotica features a subject's genitalia or other bare private parts as the central focus of a photo, sensual female photography tastefully conceals the model's genitals and concentrates on positioning the subject in artful poses.
  • This story is just that-the beginning of an erotica romance between a Creek Elf woman and a French man, as they ward off the vampires from harvesting the magical power of the Creek Elf people.
  • In addition to a wide variety of chat rooms (most containing highly explicit names related to their content), members can also post erotica short stories.
  • The site also offers a variety of specialty sites connected to the Friendfinder group, like Adult FriendFinder for erotica groups and blogging networks.
  • Swimmers, body builders, and those involved in erotica often shave underarm hair in addition to full body hair removal.