Sentence Examples

  • In a similar manner, four covertical equilateral triangles stand on a square base.
  • If the faces be all equal equilateral triangles the solid is termed the "regular" tetrahedron.
  • Five equilateral triangles covertically placed would stand on a pentagonal base, and it was found that, by forming several sets of such pyramids, a solid could be obtained which had zo triangular faces, which met in pairs to form 30 edges, and in fives to form 12 vertices.
  • 32 was first proved in a general way by the Pythagoreans; but, on the other hand, we learn from Geminus that the ancient geometers observed the equality to two right angles in each kind of triangle - in the equilateral first, then in the isosceles, and lastly in the scalene (Apoll.
  • Ladenburg (Ber., 2, p. 140) devised his prism formula (IV), the six carbon atoms being placed at the six corners of a right equilateral triangular prism, with its plane projections (V, VI).