Sentence Examples

  • The frequent occurrence of epipodites and gnatho FIG.
  • The endopodite, when present, is unsegmented or composed of few segments and forms the " palp," and outwardlydirected lobes representing the exopodite and epipodites may also be present.
  • When present, the branchiae are generally differentiations of parts of the appendages, most often the epipodites, as in the Phyllopoda.
  • In the primitive Malacostraca the gills were probably, as in the Phyllopoda and in Nebalia, the modified epipodites of the thoracic limbs, and this is the condition found in some Schizopoda.
  • The podobranchiae are clearly epipodites, or, more correctly, parts of the epipodites, and it is probable that the arthroand pleuro-branchiae are also epipodial in origin and have migrated from the proximal segment of the limbs on to the adjacent body-wall.

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