Sentence Examples

  • On the entablature is inscribed the words Aux Grandes Hommes La Patrie Reconnaissante.
  • The columned, round-headed windows are set in deeply between the pillars which carry the massive entablature, and this again is surmounted by a balustrade with obelisks at each angle and figures marking the line of each bay.
  • The frieze of the entablature contains sculptures only in the metopes of the east front and in those of the sides immediately adjoining it; the frontal metopes represent the labours of Heracles, the lateral the exploits of Theseus.
  • While it was probably badly wrecked by the Romans at the sack of the city, its massive columns with the entablature survived.
  • The fine execution is all that differentiates it from the numerous copies in various museums. The most important sculptures of the Roman period, however, are a group of colossal figures supporting an entablature, a large part of which has been recovered.