Sentence Examples

  • Arabic poetry is in the main encomiastic and personal, and from the beginning of the Omayyad period sovereigns and governors paid poets to celebrate their achievements; of those of importance who are connected with Egypt we may mention Nusaib, encomiast of ~Abd al-Aziz b.
  • 345; Abul-Raqamaq, encomiast of al-Moizz, d.
  • Abd al-Whid), encomiast of the Fa~imite al-~ahir, d.
  • Al-Qasim), encomiast of Ilakim; All b.
  • Abbad al-Iskandari, encomiast of the vizier al-Afdal, executed by IIafi~ Ibn Qalaqis al-Iskandari, encomiast of the Ayyubites, d.