Sentence Examples

  • Elven writing exists on objects, books and documents, and much of the writing that exists in the story tells both the history of Middle Earth, as well as prophecies about the future and the Fellowship of the Ring.
  • To get some easy experience make sure your characters is at least level 10, and then go to the Elven Bane castle in Ab'Dendriel.
  • Galadrial - A powerful enchantress and the possessor of an Elven ring of power, Galadrial meets the Fellowship during their journey and manages to refuse the One Ring when Frodo would have offered it to her.
  • If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, then you know that the Lord of the Rings Elven alphabet is an integral part of the entire story throughout each book.
  • When the One Ring is revealed, Narsil is reforged by elven smiths and renamed Anduril, which Aragorn takes into battle against Sauron again.

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