Sentence Examples

  • Other parts included Lolita O'Shea in They Met in Argentina (1941), Louisa Frederici Cody in Buffalo Bill (1944), Joan Madison in Everything But the Truth (1956), and Elsie Waltz in How Do I Love Thee?'' (1970).
  • Many of the styles, such as the Lace Up Granny Boot with baroque style laces and a chunky heel, and the orange and green floral print in the Elsie Floral Rebel, offer a nostalgic return to the past.
  • Created by Marc Edmund Jones with the assistance of Elsie Wheeler, the Sabian symbols are descriptions of each degree of the zodiac signs, and there are 360 phrases in all.
  • Their parents, Glenn and Elsie Hansen, owned and operated a local dairy for many years with the help of their children.
  • The Elsie and Heloise straddle the slouchy and structured, accented with pops of matte gold.