Sentence Examples

  • It is on the main line of the Union Pacific railway, on a branch of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy system, and on the main western line of the Chicago & North-Western railway, several branches of which (including the formerly independent Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley and the Sioux City & Pacific) converge here.
  • There is considerable local trade with the rich farming country of the Platte and Elkhorn valleys; and the wholesale grain interests are especially important.
  • NORFOLK, a city of Madison county, Nebraska, U.S.A., on the north branch of the Elkhorn river, 2 m.
  • There are some cut-offs or oxbow lakes along the Missouri, and many lakelets originally such are scattered along the Platte, Elkhorn, Big Blue and other rivers.
  • Holt county in the Elkhorn valley, and Sheridan county in the foot-hills, produce more than half the hay-crop of the state.

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