Sentence Examples

  • A " Court of High Commission " with jurisdiction over laity and clergy, based on i Eliz.
  • (with a few alterations having no reference to incense) was again established, under the authority of the third Act of Uniformity (1 Eliz.
  • A considerable number were flogged under the Vagrancy Acts (39 Eliz.
  • Except, however, where made under parliamentary authority, no composition for tithes, although made between the landowner and the parson or vicar with the consent of the patron and ordinary, bound a succeeding incumbent, the statute 13 Eliz.
  • Among the most common causes of imprisonment was the practice adopted by judges and magistrates of tendering to Friends (particularly when no other charge could be proved against them) the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance (5 Eliz.