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  • Thus the elements of the Pelmatozoan ventral groove are now detected in so different a structure as the echinoid ambulacrum, while an aboral nervous system, the diminished representative of that in crinoids, has been traced in all Eleutherozoa except Holothurians.
  • - Diagrammatic sections across the ambulacra of A, C, Pelmatozoa, and B, D, Eleutherozoa, placed in the same position for comparison.
  • The Echinoderms may be divided into seven classes, whose probable relations are thus indicated: Cystidea Edrioasteroidea Pelmatozoa Holothurioidea Crinoidea Blastoidea Eleutherozoa Stelliformia Echinoidea Brief systematic accounts of these classes follow: Grade A.
  • The classes of the Eleutherozoa probably arose independently from different branches of the Pelmatozoan stem.
  • - Eleutherozoa with a depressed stellate body composed of a central disk, whence radiate five or more rays; this radiate symmetry affects all the systems of organs, including the genital.

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