Sentence Examples

  • Early electronica and sample heavy dance groups like the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure point to Depeche Mode as inspiration, and fans of this less dark, more upbeat strain of 80s music also claim Depeche Mode as one of their faves.
  • As was previously mentioned, electronica music is a vast genre which includes many different sounds, and websites that offer free electronica music downloads sometimes feature on one subgenre while others are broader in scope.
  • Although much electronica music is associated with dance clubs and raves, especially clubs in places like Ibiza and Aya Napa, some electronica artists are devoted less to dance than to experimentation.
  • This mix of neo-goth, techno, electronica, metal and emo is a seizure of activity that reveals only one thing - that no matter what genre these guys are going for, none of them is executed well.
  • For the uninitiated, (or even for the longtime fan), LTK Music has assembled the following list of resources for free electronica music downloads designed to give you a taste of this genre.